Dog Behaviour Workshop for soon-to-be parents


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Do you know how to read your dogs' behaviour?

Do you know how to tell if they're uncomfortable in a situation involving your new baby or young child?

Learn how to read dog behaviour in this workshop!  We'll cover body language, including what different postures, tail movement and positions, and what you can read from a dogs' ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

The Details

Date: Wednesday, August 15th

Time: 8pm EST

There will be a replay available for a short period of time after the webinar if you aren't able to attend live.

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    Your Instructor

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    Janet Cutler, CPDT-KA, MSc, PhD


    Janet is an animal behaviour consultant and Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She has an MSc and PhD, both specializing in animal behaviour and welfare. She's been working in the animal industry for 17 years; as a veterinary technician, behaviour researcher, dog trainer and behaviour consultant.

    Janet is passionate about helping families and their pets.  This includes making sure pets are prepared for the arrival of a new baby so that they have an easier adjustment to their new life, as well as ensuring that homes with young children are as safe and happy as they can be.

    Janet spends her time at home with her family, including her two daughters aged 2 and 4, husband, and their puppy.


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