Dogs & Kids Challenge!


Do you have kids and feel that your dog doesn't get the exercise they used to?

Is your dog hyper in your home and around your children?

Are you expecting a baby and worried about the amount of attention and exercise your dog is going to get?


Keeping your dogs' brain and body busy will help to keep them from getting into trouble, keep them calmer around your kids, and make them an even better part of your family, all while eliminating the guilt you have about the amount of attention they receive.

Sign up for a free 5 day challenge where you will learn different activities you can do with your dogs & kids!

What the challenge includes:

Day 0 - Introduction
Day 1 - Why you want to keep your dog busy and finding rewards
Day 2 - Indoor activities for dogs and kids
Day 3 - Outdoor activities for dogs and kids
Day 4 - Activities for your dog when you aren't home
Day 5 - Other activities and wrapping up

Each day, you'll receive an email with a list of activities to choose from, try the one that works with your family and your schedule.