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Our Shared Goal

Improve behaviour and welfare of dogs and cats

Staying on top of the science of behaviour and training can be time consuming for pet professionals, and many of the resources can be hard to find and access.

Learn from a trusted resource who has education and experience as well as certifications to help you improve your knowledge and skills in dog and cat behaviour and training.

Using the science of behaviour and training helps to improve your methods, as well as client success and in turn the welfare of the dogs and cats we work with. Learn what is working well and getting the best results for other pet professionals, new emerging methods and techniques, as well as the founding research in the field.


Behaviory Blog

Want a more technical overview of behaviour and training topics with scientific references? Visit the Blog at The Behaviory to dig into the science.

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Like to learn on the go or rather listen to your behavior and training science? Listen to The Behaviory on your favourite podcast app.

Janet Cutler, PhD CAAB

Janet Cutler is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Her research and education has focused on animal behaviour, welfare and epidemiology.

the behaviory

With a podcast, blog posts, and updated information on new science, the Behaviory is the resource for any dog trainer, behaviour consultant, veterinarian, or other pet professional who is interested.