For veterinarians

work with a certified applied animal behaviorist

Our Shared Goal

Improve behaviour and welfare for your clients

Behaviour problems can be frustrating for pet owners, and a sign that the dog or cat could have compromised welfare. If you don't have the time or the resources to do behaviour consultations, then referring cases to a trusted resource who uses methods rooted in science, with education and experience as well as certifications, could help improve the welfare of the animals you treat and help your clients.

behaviour history

 Time is spent gathering an extensive behaviour history  to inform the behaviour modification and training plan.

management & enrichment

If needed, a management plan improve safety in the household and outside if designed. Additionally, plans for exercise and mental stimulation are developed

Develop a behaviour modification plan

An individual behaviour modification and training plan is personalized for your client that works with the individual cat or dog as well as the household.

communication with clinic

Upon receiving client permission, an overview of the behaviour history and behaviour modification and training plan will be send to the clinic, including notes if behaviour medication might be beneficial for the dog or cat.


further assistance

Any questions about the case can be addressed via email or on the phone if you would like further information or discussion.

trusted resource

Janet Cutler, PhD CAAB

With 20 years of experience in dog and cat behaviour, Janet strives to help veterinarians provide behaviour services for their clients. With reporting to keep your clinic up to date, you can provide the best care for your client.

As a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and with education in the field of behaviour and welfare, Janet can provide a source of knowledge and resources on dog and cat behaviour problems, management, treatment, as well as training and behaviour modification.

Clinic continuing education

Virtual lunch and learn opportunites for staff training related to behaviour and welfare can be arranged. If interested, contact by clicking the button below to discuss topics and options that might best suit your clinic.