Online Consults

Online Consults available over Zoom or Skype

Assistance in the following areas:

Separation anxiety
Excessive noise/barking
Inappropriate elimination
New pet
Preparing your pet for baby
Dogs & children
Other areas in which you're struggling

Consultations are available to help you work on behaviour problems or any training you need with your dog or cat. Initial consultations include taking a full history on your pet, behaviour observations via video, training and receipt of a detailed plan to work on.  We'll also send your veterinarian a behaviour report if you like them to be involved in your pet's progress.

Included is 4 weeks of follow-up where I check in weekly to see your progress and send new activities for you to do based on your progress.

Cost is $225 + HST

“We worked with Janet with our 2 year old labradoodle who had some reactivity issues. Janet took the time to really understand the whole picture (e.g., our individual dog, our skills, events that had contributed to the reactivity, and skills he had not yet developed). From there she designed a program the was specific to our dog and our family. She adapted the program each week based on our progress. We saw huge gains in the 4 weeks that we worked with Janet and we left the program feeling confident we could continue with what we had learned. Janet was available throughout the training to answer all of our questions and concerns. Janet’s knowledge and expertise was so valuable to us. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to work on their dog’s training. In fact, I already have! The added bonus was that her 4 week, online training program was so affordable. Thank you Janet!”
— Kristin F.