Are you worried about how your dog is going to handle the arrival of your new baby?

Has your dog been the 'baby' of the family up until now, and you don't want them to feel left out, ignored and isolated, yet you want to make sure your new baby stays safe?

With Wags & Giggles, you'll have the comfort of knowing that you're preparing your dog for the arrival of your new baby, you have a plan in place for when your baby comes home, and you know that you can keep your dog engaged and happy while keeping your new baby safe.


What you get

  • 4 week online course, with one new module per week, topics outlined below.  
  • Immediate access to a private Facebook group where you can discuss problems, plans, and solutions with other students and your instructor.
  • Presale Bonus: Access to Clicker Training 101 - a mini-course that will teach you how to clicker train and give you ideas for fun games you can play with your dog

Course Topics

1. New schedule, new routines
    Getting your dog prepared ahead of time for the changes that will happen once baby arrives
2. Learning manners and self-control
    Exercises you can be doing to improve manners in your dog and help them with learning self-control
3. All the baby things
    Getting your dog used to all the new furniture, equipment, and noises that come along with a new baby
4. Birth Day
    How to prepare your dog for the time around the birth of your baby and what you need to be thinking about


Your Instructor

Janet Cutler, CPDT-KA, MSc, PhD


Janet is an animal behaviour consultant and Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She has an MSc and PhD, both specializing in animal behaviour and welfare. She's been working in the animal industry for 17 years; as a veterinary technician, behaviour researcher, dog trainer and behaviour consultant.

Janet is passionate about helping families and their pets.  This includes making sure pets are prepared for the arrival of a new baby so that they have an easier adjustment to their new life, as well as ensuring that homes with young children are as safe and happy as they can be.

Janet spends her time at home with her family, including her two daughters aged 2 and 4, and their puppy.

We are so grateful to Janet for helping us prepare Zephyr, our chocolate lab, for the arrival of our first baby. She provided us with a number of easy to institute tools and routines that we could practice before the baby came – desensitization to common baby noises, skills like sits and stays, and exercise/walk strategies. She also educated us about common risks with babies and dogs. Following Janet’s plan gave us peace of mind that we were doing all we could to ensure that our ‘babies’ would get along and be able to coexist safely.
— Colleen


Course begins July 4, 2018

Facebook Group access begins immediately


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Presale bonus includes access to 'Clicker Training 101' Mini Course