Behaviour and training science

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Stay informed about the science behind pet behaviour and training, and how to apply it to improve your relationship with your pet. 


Pheromones are often recommended along with behavior modification in both cats and dogs. They're thought to help with anxiety and other behaviours. Some of my clients have found them helpful, while others have not felt they made much of a difference. Let’s dig into...

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Clicker training Science

Clicker training is a great way to train, and also fun for the person training and the trainee. Many trainers and behavior consultants use or recommend the use of clicker training and have great success. However, it’s always helpful to know some of the science behind...

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Sleep is a really important behavior in all animals, and a lot of research in different species has shown that it is necessary. Across species, it’s generally agreed upon that sleep is important for learning, memory, behavior and emotional control, health, and quality...

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Food puzzles and toys

Contrafreeloading, or working for food when there is some freely available, is something that we use quite often with animals in our care. This concept is used in puzzle feeders, food balls, games we play, and also in stuffed food devices like Kongs or Wobbls. ...

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