Online consultations

with a certified applied animal behaviorist

Our Shared Goal

Improve pet behaviour problems


Behaviour problems can be frustrating for you and a sign that your pet is struggling as well. Get help from someone who uses methods rooted in science, with education, experience, and certifications; as well a passion to help you and your pet.

Online consultations

Consultations are available to help you work on behaviour problems and training for your dog or cat. Initial consultations (up to 90 minutes) include a full behaviour history on your pet, goal setting for behaviour problems, and a detailed behaviour modification plan specific to your pet and your goals. We'll also send your veterinarian a behaviour report to keep them involved in your pet's progress.


Cost is $350 CAD
Packages also available at booking

Overview of a Behaviour Consult
With Dr. Janet Cutler

behaviour history

Gathering an extensive behaviour history will help to inform the behaviour modification plan for you to work on with your pet. You'll receive a brief form to complete before the consultation as a starting point.


If needed, we'll develop a plan that works for your dog or cat to help improve safety in the household and outside if applicable.

meeting your pets' needs

We'll discuss things like exercise, mental stimulation, social contact, and other areas where we might be able to improve your pets' welfare.

Develop a behaviour modification plan

An individual behaviour modification and training plan that is personalized to your household and your dog or cat's needs will be developed for you to implement.



Availability for any questions for a week after the consultation, as well as a couple check-ins throughout that week to check on progress. Follow-up consultations can be booked if you would like additional help.

What type of behaviour problems do you help with?

We help clients with all types of behaviour problems:

Fear and anxiety
Resource guarding
Separation anxiety
Excessive noise/barking
Inappropriate elimination
Cognitive dysfunction
New pet and choosing a new pet
Puppy manners and training
Preparing your pet for baby
Dogs & children
And more

Do you offer a guarantee?

We will not offer a guarantee for your pets' behaviour. Much of the improvement you will see with your pet depends on their previous experience and how long the problem has been ongoing, and the amount of time you're able to put into training, behaviour modification and management. I'm working with you to create a plan but you need to implement it.

However, I will use my education, knowledge, and experience to create a behaviour modification plan that is individual to your pet and your household. 

Additionally, most well-respected certification bodies stipulate that guarantees ethically cannot be made for many of the reasons stated above.

Does a virtual consultation work for behaviour?

Virtual consultations are great for behaviour modification. For many dogs and cats, their behaviour when I'm vising the home or they enter a new facility are not what you see on an every day basis anyway. A vast majority of the time, I can go on your descriptions of behaviour and we can get video if necessary so I can see what your pet is doing.

With training and some behaviour modification, your timing can be very important, and a live observation of your training or working with your pet can be helpful. These sessions will be offered shortly.

Are your services covered by pet insurance companies?

Some pet insurance companies do cover behaviour consulations from certain certified professionals, most of the time this must be done with a CAAB (my certification!) or a veterinary behaviorist. Check with your pet insurance company about their policy and your specific plan to see if you have coverage.

Janet Cutler, PhD CAAB

Janet Cutler is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). She helps people with dog and cat behaviour problems, with virtual consultations to develop a behaviour modification and training program that suits your household and your pet. To make sure that your pet is getting the best care, Dr. Cutler will work with your veterinarian to ensure they are aware of the behaviour plan and can follow up with any medical needs if required.