Why is science important in training and behaviour with dogs and cats?

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Why is science important in training and behaviour with dogs and cats?

If you’re looking for a trainer, behaviour consultant, or behaviorist, you may have noticed that some have science-based, evidence-based, or similar language on their website.

While using the latest science is pretty obvious to be beneficial for our pets, why would you want to search for someone who uses these methods?

Positive reinforcement

It’s very likely that if the trainer, behaviour consultant, or behaviorist is using positive reinforcement methods if they are claiming on their website to be science- or evidence-based. We have scientific evidence that these methods, as opposed to punishment based methods, lead to less fear and a better bond with the family.

Improve animal behaviour knowledge

Understanding the science of behaviour is very important when working with behaviour and training. Understanding basic ethology (the science of animal behaviour) includes learning about the development of normal and abnormal behaviour. As well, it helps with understanding how experience changes behaviour, and the influence of genetics and environment, just to name a few.

Continuing education

When applying scientific information to training and behaviour, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest information. Continuing education is a fantastic way to learn some of the new information and stay up to date with it. Many certifications require that trainers and behaviour consultants have continuing education in order to maintain their certification.

Learning beyond their experience

Having plenty of experience is beneficial when working with behaviour and training. However, learning information about the results and benefits, or disadvantages, of other training methods and techniques is also important. There is increasing information being published on behaviour, training and behaviour modification methods. 

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